PM Modi supported one earth one health


PM Modi supported one earth one health to effectively deal coronavirus at global level . He is invited by Jon Borris but due to COVID – 19 second wave in India , he is virtually attending G7 annual meet . He also said that India is committed to global health governance and to fight against future pandemics world needs global unity and leadership .

Theme for G7 meet is B3W which means Build Back Better World . This project is expected a reply to China’s OBOR initiative . Through this project western nations will fulfill infrastructural needs in developing nations and also counter China’s increasing economic influence . B3W project will also focus on global recovery from coronavirus pandemic , climate change , preserve biodiversity , health and gender equality . US president Joe Biden supported unified approach to fight against pandemics . At G7 meet leaders may sign a declaration on global health so that a world health care infrastructure can be build to respond quickly to future emergencies . WHO’s director general also nod his head to this unified approach and said that the world need a strong global system which can quickly detect risks of pandemics .



G7 meeting Cornwall ( in UK ) mein ho rhi hai jise ki UK dwara host kiya ja rha hai . June 11 – June 13 tak ye meeting chlegi jismein India ko bhi Britain dwara invite kiya gya hai.

Coronavirus ke baad first time G7 meeting ho rhi hai . India mein coronavirus ke second wave ki wajah se PM Modi UK nhi ja paaye isliye virtually meeting ka part bne hain .

G7 meet ka theme ” B- 3W ” – Build Back Better World hai . Jiske zriye greeb aur developing nations ki infrastructure se judi zroorton ko poora kiya jaayega .


B3W project – Reply to China’ s OBOR initiative


US President Joe Biden ne China ki economic aur security influence ko counter krne ke liye is project ko launch kiya hai . Jiske zriye new roads , railways , ports aur communication networks develop kiye jaayenge .

Is project ke zriye pandemic se global recovery , digital technology , health, climate change aur gender equality pr bhi focus kiya jaayega .

Joe Biden ne kaha hai ki is project ko transparent aur cooporative way se develop kiya jaayega . Jispr 40 lakh crore dollor approx spend kiye jaayenge .

Ye first time hua hai jb China ke One belt one road initiative ko rich nations ne direct challenge kiya ho .


A declaration on global health – Quick response to health emergencies


President Biden ne pandemic ke against fight ke liye unified approach ko support kiya hai .

Sabhi nations ko cooperation se world health care infrastructure build krne ko kaha hai jisse ki future mein aane waali emergencies ko jldi se respond kiya ja ske .

Iske liye G7 summit mein leaders global health declaration pr sign kr skte hain .



Britain’s Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Center



Britain un diseases ke liye vaccine bnaega jo animals se humans mein transfer hoti hain iske liye Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Center create kiya jaayega .


World Health Organisation welcomed this move


Tedros Andhanom Ghebreyesus ( WHO’s director general ) ne pandemics ke against unified approach ka welcome kiya hai .

Unhonein COVID – 19 pandemic ke liye scientific aur collaborative response ko build krne ke liye kaha hai .

Iske saath hi pandemic risks ko jldi se detect krne ke liye ek strong global surveillance system create krne ke liye bhi kaha hai .


PM Modi supported one earth one health


PM Modi ne coronavirus ko global level pr effectively deal krne ke liye one earth , one health approach ko support kiya hai, German Chancellor Angela Merkel ne bhi ise support kiya .

PM Modi ne kaha ki India global health governance ke liye committed hai aur future pandemics ke liye global unity aur unified leadership ko bhi support kiya .

India ne coronavirus ke origins find krne ke liye WHO ki follow – up enquiry ko bhi support kiya .

Delta variant caused Covid cases upsurge in UK



New delta variant caused Covid cases upsurge in UK . It found in India first and now hit England . This variant is more transmissible than Alpha variant . 90 per cent cases are from new Delta variant which is effecting people from younger age group . According to British government’s roadmap they were planning to lift social distancing restrictions on June 21 because most people are urging government for complete reopening . But officials will definitely change this date if situation does not improve .

Most of infected people did not got vaccine yet . That is why government urged people to get both jabs of vaccine .



New Delta variant caused Covid cases upsurge in UK more transferable in households , 90 per cent new cases are from Delta variant



Public Health England ki research ke according new Delta variant Alpha variant se households mein zyada transferable hai .

Alpha variant ( found in Kent , Southeast England ) ke comparison mein new Delta variant 60 percent zyada transferable hai .

February month ke baad ab desh mein daily cases tezi se increase ho rhe hain.

90 per cent new cases Delta variant ke aa rhe hain .


Alpha variant caused three month lockdown in England



Alpha variant ( found in Kent , Southeast England ) ki wajah se England mein Covid cases upsurge huye the jiske baad 3 months ka lockdown impose kiya gya tha .

Kyonki hospitals near capacity tak stretch ho chuke the . Jisne ki health infrastructure ko completely shake kr diya tha .

Covid cases ki rapid growth ko curb krne ke liye government ne public vaccination drive ko tez kr diya tha .

Jis se ki 29 million adults ko vaccine ki two doses aur 41 million logon ko one dose se vaccinate kr diya gya hai .



Will social distancing restrictions be lifted on June 21 ?



British government ke roadmap ke according June 21 se social gatherings , large weddings aur nightclubs ko reopen kiya jana tha .

Situation improve na hone pr officials date ko definitely change krenge .



Most patients are not vaccinated yet



Health Secretary Matt Hancock ne bataaya ki mostly patients kam age ke hain jinhonein abhi tak vaccine nhi li hai .

Government ne Delta variant ke effect ko kam krne ke liye public ko vaccine ki dono doses lgwaane ke liye kaha hai.

Jenny Harries , chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency ne vaccine ki dono doses lene ko kaha hai .

Unke according Delta variant ke against protection ke liye ek dose ke muqable dono doses zyada effective hain .

Remdesivir is not recommended for children



Remdesivir is not recommended for children who are below 18 years of age . Union of Health Ministry issued clinical guidelines for treating Covid positive kids because third wave of coronavirus may hit kids under 18 years of age . In an document issued by central government doctors are advised to be selective in prescribing CT scan to Covid positive kids. Government of India recommended 6 minute walk test for children above 12 , except patients with uncontrolled asthma . Steroids for self medication must be avoided . According to experts wrong use of steroids could be the reason for Black fungus outburst in India . On moderately severe and critical ill children , steroids should be used .



Why Remdesivir is not recommended for children ?


Covid positive bachon ko treat krne ke liye Remdesivir ko recommend nhi kiya gya .

Below 18 waale bachon ke liye Remdesivir ka safety aur efficacy data sufficient nhi hai.


Govt of India recommended 6 minute walk test for children above 12 years 


Central govt ne six minute walk test recommend kiya hai .

Jiske liye bachon ki finger pr pulse oximeter attach krke 6 minutes tk continuously walk krne ko kaha jaaye .

Uncontrolled asthma patients ke liye ye test recommend nhi kiya gya hai .

Critical Covid illness cases mein oxygen therapy immediately start kr deni chahiye .

Fluid + electrolyte mein balance maintain krke , Corticosteroids therapy ko bhi start kr dena chahiye .



Wrong use of steroids could be the main reason for Black fungus outburst



Experts ke according steroids ke wrong us eki wajah se India mein Black fungus cases increase huye hain.

Doctors ko Black fungus patients mein culture results ke liye wait na krke ise immidietly treat krne ke liye advise kiya gya hai .

Jisse ki Black fungus cases ki mortality rate ko reduce kiya ja skta hai.


Steroids should be used at the right time , in the right dose and for the right duration


Steroids ka asymptomatic aur mild Covid cases mein use krna dangerous hai .

Jinka use strict supervision mein critical Covid patients ke liye hi krna chahiye .

Isliye steroids ka sahi time pr sahi dose mein aur sahi duration mein use hona chahiye .

Self medication ke liye steroids ko avoid krna chahiye .

Doctors ko Covid positive bachon ko CT scan prescribe krte waqt selective rehne ki zrurat hai .

Asymptomatic infection ke liye mask , hand hygiene aur physical distancing maintain krne ke liye kaha hai .

PM Modi supported one earth one health


During his address to nation PM Modi has announced that central government will provide free COVID – 19 vaccine for 18+ adults . 

75 per cent of COVID – 19 vaccines will be purchased by central government . 

Private hospitals can buy 25 per cent vaccine doses directly from the manufacturer in India .

Charges for vaccines are fixed by central government . They can not charge more than Rupees 150 for one dose . 

Free vaccine for 18+ adults will be started from June 21 .

PM Modi told that 23 crore vaccine doses has been given to the citizens of India till now . 

 7 companies are manufacturing COVID – 19 vaccines in India .

Clinical trials to vaccinate kids are also underway . 

Under PM Free ration scheme 80 crore people will get free ration till November or Diwali . 



How and when free vaccine for 18+ adults will take place?



Vaccination Abhiyan ke under Government of India COVID – 19 vaccine ki procurement kregi .

Vaccine central government purchase krke state governments ko provide krwaayegi .

75 % vaccine doses central government manufacturing companies se purchase kregi .

State governments ke paas kitni vaccine doses pahuchne waali hai iski information unhein kuchh weeks pehle hi de di jaayegi .

Upcoming 2 weeks mein central aur state governments new guidelines ke according preparations krengi .

June 21 , 2021 se Vaccination Abhiyan ki shuruaat hogi.



Private hospitals can directly purchase vaccines from vaccine manufacturers



Desh mein bni 25 % vaccine doses private hospitals vaccine manufacturers se directly purchase kr skte hain .

Jiske liye highest amount Rs . 150 per dose fix kiya gya hai .

Guidelines sahi se follow krwaane ki responsibility state governments ki hogi .



Other preparations to provide vaccine for 18+ adults



PM Modi ne desh ko address krte huye bataaya ki 23 crore vaccine doses de di gyi hain .

Desh mein 7 companies COVID – 19 vaccine ki production kr rhi hai .

Dusre deshon se bhi requirements ke according vaccine import ki jaayegi .

Nasal vaccine ke trials bhi chal rhe hain .

Bachon ke liye 2 vaccines ke trial chal rhe hain .



80 crore people will get free ration till Diwali or November under PM Greeb Kalyan Anna Yojana



PM Greeb Kalyan Anna Yojana ke under free ration scheme ko Diwali or November tak expand krdiya gya hai .

Jise pehle bhi May ke baad June month tak expand kiya gya tha .

80 crore Indians ko free anaaj fixed quantity pr provide krwaaya jaayega .



Vaccine passport : Hugely Discriminatory , India refused at G7 meet



India ne developing nations mein less vaccination drive ki wajah se vaccine passport ko discriminatory move bataaya hai .

Is move se developed – developing countries ke beech disparity badhegi .

G7 meet India ko as a guest invite kiya gya tha .



What does vaccine passport means ?



Vaccine passport un logon ko issue kiye jaane ke baare mein hai jo log COVID – 19 vaccine se vaccinated hain .

Ye passport ek digital identification hai .

COVID pandemic ke chlte international travelling ko restart krne ke liye ye step G7 mein discuss kiya gya hai .

United Kingdom aur USA ne apne citizens aur vistors ke liye vaccine passport ke liye sehmati dedi hai .

Iske saath hi European Union bhi tourists ke liye vaccine travel documents ke liye work kr rhi hai .



Health minister Harsh Vardhan opposed for vaccine passport



Harsh Vardhan ne India ko G7 meet mein address krte huye bataaya ki desh ki sirf 3 per cent population vaccinated hai .

Isliye COVID – 19 vaccine passport ko unhonein hugely discriminatory kaha .

Vaccine procurement developed countries ne pehle aur zyada quantity mein krli thi . 

Jiski wajah se developing countries ki population less vaccinated hai .

Meeting ke dauraan unhonein developing nations tak equitable , affordable vaccines ki supply aur distribution ka issue joki ab tak unaddressed hai , use bhi discuss kiya .




No new commitments to deliver vaccines to developing nations



G7 health ministers ki meeting mein Britain ne future pandemics ke against coordination se work krne ke liye agreement diya hai .

But developing countries ko vaccines ki delivery ke liye koi new commitments nahi huye hain .



World Health Organisation is also not in favor of vaccine passport



WHO ne February mein hi vaccination passport ko mandatory na bnaane ke liye disagree kr diya tha .

Kyonki WHO ke according vaccination ke baad transmission ko reduce krne ki efficacy unknown hai .

Vaccines ki limited availability ko bhi WHO ne ek reason bataaya tha . Uske baad se ab tak is pr ko new update issue nahi ki gyi hai .


So India ne G7 joki developed countries ka group hai , usmein sirf India ko address nahi kiya blki sabhi developing nations ke behalf pr bola hai .

Isliye health minister Harsh Vardhan ne vaccine passport ko developing countries ke liye ” hugely discriminatory ” bataaya hai .

Punjab govt withdraws COVID vaccine doses from private hospitals



Punjab govt ne Akali Dal ke virodh ke baad COVID – 19 vaccine ki supply withdraw krli hai .

18 – 44 age group ke liye one time – limited vaccine doses joki private hospitals ko supply ki gyi thi unhein ab vaapis krwaane ke orders issue kr diye gye hain .



Punjab govt ” diverting ” COVID vaccine at ” hefty margins ” – Akali Dal



Former Punjab CM Sukhbir Singh Badal ne Congress party dwara COVID – 19 vaccine doses ko private hospitals ko divert krne ki allegations lgaayi thi .

Unhone bataaya ki Congress government vaccine ko ” hefty ( heavy ) margins ” pr private hospitals ko divert kr rhi hai .

Sukhbir Badal ne bataaya ki state mein vaccine available nahi hain pr fir bhi private hospitals ko sale ki ja rhi hain .

Joki aam aadmi ko free of cost provide krwaani chahiye thi.


How much Punjab govt is earning from the sale of COVID vaccines ?



Former CM ke according Punjab govt ko Covaxin dose Rs . 400 cost krti hai joki private hospitals ko Rs . 1060 mein sale ki gyi hai .

Private hospitals iske liye logon ko Rs . 1560 charge kr rhe hain . Per family ko vaccine ki single dose Rs . 6000 se Rs . 9000 tak cost kregi .

Sukhbir Badal ne bataaya ki sirf Mohali mein 35,000 doses private hospitals ko sale ki gyi hain jinka ek din ka profit nearly Rs . 2 crore ka hai .

Jiske liye Sukhbir Badal ne high court se iski investigation ki demand ki hai .

Kyonki Punjab govt immorally profit earn krne ke liye vaccine ki ” artificial shortage ” create kr rhi hai .



Punjab Health Minister’s reaction



Balbir Singh Sidhu ne bataaya ki unka department vaccine procurement / distribution mein deal nhi krta.

Health department vaccine ki testing , treatment aur public ke liye administer krta hai .

Jitni bhi vaccine doses department ko available hoti hain unhe department ke dwara conduct kiye hue health camps aur hospitals ko free of cost administer krdi jaati hain .

Vaccination drive ki responsibility Chief Secretary aur Covid Vaccine Nodal Officer Vikas Garg ki hai .

Balbir Singh Sidhu ne iski proper inquiry ke orders de diye hain aur issue ko CM ke saamne bhi rkha jaayega .

Jinhonein bhi vaccine ke liye extra pay kiya hai unka amount bhi refund kiya jaayega .



Punjab govt issued a notification to private hospitals to withdraw COVID vaccine



Notification ke under 18 – 44 age group ke liye one – time limited vaccine doses ko private hospitals vaapis kr dein .

Jitni bhi doses private hospitals ke paas currently available hain sabhi vaapis ki jaayein .

Vaccine ke liye diya gya amount private hospitals ko refund kr diya jaayega .

Vikas Garg ne letter ke zriye bataaya ki sahi spirit se nahi liya gya isliye vaapis liya gya hai .

Vaccination policy : SC asked an affidavit from central government
      Supreme court ne Government of India se vaccination policy ke baare mein information maangi hai . SC ne central government se vaccines khreedne se jude faislon ke baare mein documents maange hain . SC bench ko justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud ne head kiya hai .  

Vaccination policy is irrational for 18-44 years of adults

  National vaccination policy ko discuss krte huye SC ne ise centre – state mein conflicts ki wajah bataaya hai . States / UTs aur private hospitals ne vaccination policy ke according free vaccination provide krwaani thi jise paid kr diya hai. Supreme Court ne 18 – 45 age group wale adults ko paid vaccination provide krwaana irrational aur arbitrary bataaya hai . 2 weeks mein central government se vaccination strategy ke liye relevant documents aur file notings SC ne maangi hain .  

How union government spent 35000 crore budget for procuring vaccines ?

  Vaccination shortage ke chlte states aur UTs ne vaccine manufacturers se directly vaccines procurement ke liye deals krne ke efforts kiye . Pr vaccine makers ne states aur UTs se directly deal krne se mna kr diya . SC bench ne central government se vaccine procurement ke liye Rs . 35,000 crore kaise spent kiya uske baare mein bhi information maangi hai . 18 – 45 waale age group ke adults ke liye is amount ko kyon nhi utilise kiya ja skta is pr central govt se jawaab maanga hai .    

Apex court asked for an affidavit from union government and states / UTs

  Vaccine pricing Kitne per cent logon ko single aur double dose se vaccinate kr diya hai uski details Vaccination ke liye rural aur urban areas mein eligible logon ki information Black fungus ki vaccines provide krwaane ke liye centre govt ne ab tak kya kiya ? Remaining population ko kb aur kaise centre govt vaccinate kregi uska roadmap kya hai ? States aur UTs ko bhi top court next hearing yaani June 30 se pehle population ko free vaccinate krne ke baare mein clarify krne ke liye affidavit ki maang ki hai .    

If Article – 14 is being neglected then courts cannot ignore it : In making of vaccination policy

  Hearing ke dauraan vaccines ki different pricing ko bhi point out kiya gya . Agar vaccines purchase krne ke dauraan centre govt ki unique monopolistic buyer position ki wajah se lower price pr vaccine mil rahi hai . Toh ise Article 14 ( Right to Equality ) ke under examine krna zoori hai . Kyonki states / UTs ko higher price pr vaccine khreedna burden create kr rha hai . Centre govt Covishield vaccine buy krne ke liye manufacturers ko Rs . 150 per dose pay krti hai jbki states ko Rs . 300 pay krne pdte hain . Covaxin vaccine ke prices mein bhi aisi hi disparity hai . Aise mein agar citizens ke fundamental rights neglect kiye jaayenge toh courts ise ignore nahi kr skti . Judicial review aur executive ki formulated policies ko constitutionally justify krna judiciary ka essential function hai .  

Showed concern on Digital Divide

  Court ne CoWIN portal pr vaccine slot book krne mein digital divide pr bhi concern dikhaya hai . CoWIN aur Arogya Setu app mein blind persons ko registration book krne ki facility nahi hai . Vaccination policy marginalized groups unaccessible hai kyonki rural areas mein logon ko digital plate forms use nhi krne aate . Aise mein free or paid vaccine digital divide ki wajah se economically privileged groups ko pehle available hogi .   Court ne centre govt se vaccines ko state aur private hospitals mein kaise distribute kiya ja rha hai uski information maangi hai . Private hospitals kaise vaccine jabs use kr rhe hain uske liye agar koi mechanism hai , unhein specify kiya jaaye . Centre govt society ke sabhi sections tak equitably vaccine provide krwaana ensure kre  .
Shashi Throor criticised vaccination policy of government



Shashi Throor ne apne twitter account pr vaccine policy se ke liye sujhaaw diye hain.

Message mein unhonein government ko vaccine sabhi ke liye free of cost dene ko kaha hai.


What does Shashi Throor said through his tweet ?


Shashi Throor ne apne tweet ke through bataaya ki unhein Covid -19 infection ki complications se suffer krna parhh rha hai.

Union minister Prakash Javedkar ne government ki taraf se satement di thi.

Unhonein bataaya ki vaccination drive track pr hai.

Saath hi December end tak desh mein sabhi ko vaccinate krne ka target set kiya hai.

Government ki isi statement ko Shashi Throor ne apne tweet mein target kiya hai.

Unhonein kaha ki central government ke paas vaccine ki kami hai , aise mein kaise set target ko achieve kiya jaayega.


Criticised various vaccine pricing  , provide for free 


Government of India ko vaccine ki alag alag pricing ke liye criticise kiya gya hai .

Unhonein bataaya ki central government ke paas arrangements hain ki vo vaccines affordable prices pr khreed skti hai.

Jise public ko free of cost provide krwa skti hai.



Free universal vaccination policy – Shashi Throor


Shashi Throor ne Covid ke against fight ke liye vaccine ko free aur universal bnaane ke liye support kiya hai.

Apni Covid ke against journey ke liye kaha ki unhonein bahut suffer kiya hai.

Vo nahi chahte ki baaki citizens bhi unki tarah suffer krein.

Kyonki second wave se lakhon log suffer kr rhe hain , joki bahut tragic hai.



Supported Indian National Congress’ campaign to change vaccination policy


Indian National Congress dwara chalaaye gye campaign ko support kiya gya hai .

Jiske zriye government ko vaccination policy mein change krne ke liye ye campaign start kiya gya hai.

Vaccines ko sabhi Indians ke liye free aur universally permit kiya jaaye.

Ye vaccination drive December tak honi chahiye.





Central Vista redevelopment Project is of national importance



Delhi High Court ne Central Vista redevelopment Project ki construction start krne ke liye permission de di hai .

National capital mein COVID ke time mein construction krne ke against petition ko Delhi HC ne dismiss kr diya hai.

Delhi High Court ke according project national importance rkhta hai .


Central Vista redevelopment Project during COVID is not ok



Anya Malhotra ( translator ) aur Sohail Hashmi ( historian & documentary filmmaker ) ne Central Vista Avenue ki redevelopment ke against PIL file ki thi .

Project ke according Rajpath ki dono sides jahan Republic Day celebrations ko redevelop kiya jana hai .

Petitioners ka view hai ki COVID ke time mein ye project essential nahi hai isliye is pr abhi ke liye rok lga deni chahiye .

Coronavirus ke time mein construction work super spreader ke roop mein threat hai .

Ye project essential service nahi hai aur kisi contractual deadline ko meet krne ke liye ise continue krne ka koi rationale nahi hai .


HC bench – Whole Central Vista Project is of national importance 



Chief Justice DN Patel + Justice Jyoti Singh ke bench ne kaha hai ki project ko Apex court ne already clearance de di hai .

Project ko suspend krne ka koi sawaal hi nhi hai kyonki workers construction site pr hi stay kr rhe hain .

Workers ko site pr sabhi facilities provide ki ja rhi hain aur sabhi COVID – 19 protocols ko follow kiya ja rha hai .

Central Vista Project national importance ke liye essential project hai .

Kyonki Parliament ke sovereign functions Central Vista mein hi conduct hone hain .

Public bhi is project ke liye interested hai .

Project time – bound manner mein complete krne ke liye bhi kaha hai.



Petition is motivated hence imposed Rs. one lakh on the petitioner



Court ke according public interest litigation petition genuine nahi blki motivated hai .

Jiski wajah se petitioner ko Rs . one lakh fine impose kiya gya hai .


Central Vista redevelopment Project comprises of



New Parliament building

New residential complex prime minister aur vice president ke liye

Central Vista Avenue

Common Central Secretariat

Central Conference Centre

New facilities for Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts

Health Ministry issued notice against Covid vaccination packages



Health Ministry ne Covid vaccination packages ke against notice issue kiya hai .

Notice un private hospitals ke against hai jinhonein vaccination ke liye star hotels ke saath collaboration ki huyi hai .

Daily private hospitals ki manmaani ki khabrein hmaare saamne hain jinmein logon ko pandemic ke naam pr thga ja rha hai .


Health Ministry issued notice to all states and union territories


Kuchh private hospitals Covid vaccination ke liye packages offer kr rhe hain .

Luxury hotels ke saath private hospitals ki collaboration se ye packages offer kiye ja rhe hain .

Jinke against centre government legal action legi .

National Covid Vaccination drive ki guidelines ki violation krne waalon ke against legal actions liye jaayenge .

Jiske liye Health Ministry ne states aur union territories ke officials ko directions di hain .


What are National Covid Vaccination guidelines ?



Health Ministry



Government ki guidelines ke according vaccination ke liye

Government aur private Covid vaccination centres


Elderly aur differently – abled persons ke liye organised group housing societies

RWA offices

community centres

Panchayat bhawans

Schools , colleges

Old age homes temporary basis pr use kiye ja skte hain .


Health Ministry took action against Covid vaccine scam



Luxury hotels mein stay , healthy breakfast , dinner aur wifi jaisi facilities offer kr covid vaccine scam chlaaya ja rha hai. 

Hotels mein famous hospitals ke experts dwara vaccination provide ki ja rhi hai .

Jise social media pr criticise kiya ja rha hai.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia ne bataaya ki vaccination shortage ke chlte 18 – 44 age group waalon ke liye vaccination programme ko suspend kiya gya hai .

Saath hi swaal bhi kiya hai ki agar central government ke paas vaccine nahi hai toh private hospitals ko vaccine doses ke stocks kaise mil rhe hain ?

Jo bhi institutions Covid Vaccination guidelines ko violate krenge unke against state aur union territory officials ko legal action lene ke liye health ministry ne kaha hai .